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Who we are

Dennis Block - Freelance Android developer

Dennis Block M. Sc.

Gregor Block - Freelance Android developer

Gregor Block M. Sc.

Our journey to become IT-professionals started at the same school. After our graduation we both studied applied computer science to first get the bachelors and then the masters degree. While studying we did a lot of different projects together. Most of them were Android related. Our first app was for Android 2.1. While studying fulltime for our masters we worked as Android developers on the side and gained even more experience, before we started as freelancers after our graduation.

What we do

We work with the latest tech-stack to create modern android application architecture that is loosely coupled, scalable, maintainable and testable.
Our maintenance service improves continuously your applications quality after the release to give your users the best possible experience.
We support you in optimising the strategy for your project by identifying and analysing weak points and developing solutions.
One of our strengths is the user-oriented design of mobile apps. Our focus is on usability to deliver the best possible user experience.

Our part in the community

Android GraphView is used to display data in graph structures. Featured in Android Weekly #378

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